The US south's branch of the Fight for $15 and a Union.
We are acting as a union while we fight for our union rights.

Raise Up is the US South's branch of the Fight for $15 and a Union—a movement of workers from across the country & the world.
Workers coming together as a union is the way for workers to have a voice on the job & a seat at the decision making table.
We are taking unified action while we fight for our union rights.
We come together. We have each others’ backs. We fight for ALL of us.

This is How We
We reach out to low wage workers at work and in our neighborhoods. We go on strike. We share our stories. We learn new skills. We organize our coworkers and our communities.

We are worker-led.

We can speak from experience about how hard it is to survive on minimum wage and the unsafe working conditions we face on the job.

Workers are experts on the problems of low wage work.

Workers are leading the way toward implementing solutions. We fight for higher wages, paid sick days and healthcare benefits. We demand a seat at the table to end sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions. We defend our right to organize and take collective action.

Workers are also experts on solutions.

Fast food and low wage workers can be hard to organize. This isn’t an accident. Billion dollar corporations like McDonald’s have built a labor model that tries to keep workers separated and struggling. Low pay, high-turnover, working irregular hours with no set schedule, no information about your rights —these conditions are meant to divide us. But workers are coming together and speaking up. NC Raise Up has a powerful base of low wage workers. We are growing.

This isn’t an accident.